To the Edge of the Sky: PHASe II Initializing...

#TTEOTSPhase2 has launched in English for PC and Macs along with our Kickstarter for the full game! Use that hashtag if you want to talk about the new release!

This updated demo contains the following:

  • All new character art
  • New and updated backgrounds
  • Tweaks to the original story
  • New story content!


Android is coming very soon and after that, we'll try for iPhones!


  • Oh no! We made a little hiccup with the past supported languages and they are currently unavailable, but prior translation support coming very soon along with Android.
  • We don't currently have any dates for translation support, but we'll let you know as soon as we do! 

Files 196 MB
Version 2 Oct 12, 2017 179 MB
Version 2 Oct 12, 2017

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Pourquoi n'y a t'il plus la version Francaise ? :(


When will you release the Portuguese version????

We need to pay for the full version ??


Its a kickstarter so that they can work on the game faster and make it more better. The final product will be free..I think.

Yes, the final product will be free so that according to them many can play this awesome game

No u wont. The developers said that they will make it free because they want many people to try and play this game. But you can donate to them if u want to.