If you have problems updating through Itch's App

Hello, we found a fix! We ourselves were having this issue! While we were working with Itch on it, I found a solution that worked.

1. Right-click anywhere on TTEOTS Premium to bring up the menu:

2. Click "Show local files." This should show you where Itch has installed the game on your system. 

3. If you see multiple folders here, delete ALL EXCEPT for the one named TTEoTS-Premium-v1.3.0831.  v1.3.0831 is the latest version as of September 1st. 

4. Go back to the Itch app and click Launch like you normally would. To know if you're playing the right version, check for "v1.3.0831" in the lower-right corner.

We are still working with Itch to determine why this is happening to some users (including us) and what we can do in the future to resolve it. Let us know here if you have any issues. Thank you!

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Hello! Yesterday I bought the premium version but it doesn't let me open it...I tried to do as you wrote but it keeps popping up "Is it missing?"...How can I make it work? Help me please~~~