Chapter 02 has been released!

Enjoy and let us know if you have any issues!

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Version 4 Jul 15, 2018 226 MB
Version 5 Jul 15, 2018

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Hi i already bought the premium version but dont see an option to download chapter 02 Ver 4..

Hey did you manage to figure it out? I'm still trying to find the same chapter myself.

i downloaded itch on my laptop and from there youll get it

Yeah I ended up doing the same thing thanks anyway :)

Hey there so I've  already bought the premium version. How come I'm not seeing an option to download Chapter 02 (Version 4)?


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Hi, were you able to figure this out yet or do you still need help?

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Oh! I think I got the hang of something ... I still can't access Chapter 2's download or the Bug Fix but I managed to find the Operation Phoenix download fine.