A downloadable visual novel for Windows, macOS, and Linux

ARMY Fan translations available in-game for: Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Polish, and German with fan translations for Chinese (traditional & simplified), Russian, Czech, Dutch, Thai and Lithuanian coming soon!

Enter the year 2077 and become Seven, the newest addition to Phantom Alpha, a secret team who operates under the enigmatic government organization known as P.H.A.N.T.A.S.M.

After joining, you find yourself befriending the other rookie on the team, an incredibly skilled youth known to you only as Zero. As you meet the other members, you realize that despite being a team, they all vary drastically in personality, background, talent and ability.

Regardless of your differences, Phantom Alpha diligently completes missions alongside each other. But together, you soon discover that on the other side of the radiant world of light, lies an equally dark world of shadows…

Music by: Smyang Piano

To follow, help or find out more info about the project, please check the links below!

ARMY, we are Aeon Dream Studios, an indie visual novel developer. You might have heard of our #ARMYWantsBTSGames initiative we began back in December 2016. We have prepared a FREE unofficial fan made demo of our potential BTS game for ARMY to play. We are developers, but please consider this currently fan made as we make no profit from it!

We are not in any way affiliated with BigHit Entertainment or BTS. However, we are trying to get in contact with them to obtain licensing and permission to create this game. As a small, foreign developer trying to speak to such a popular company, you can imagine how hard this is. That is why we are coming to you, their fans, for help! So please share the demo as much as possible and check the links above for more ways to help.

TTES features only a partial cast because we wanted to get the demo out before BTS first U.S. concert (this demo was created within only two weeks!) but part two will eventually be coming. The game is based off of all of BTS' concepts and themes in their albums to date and the demo takes place in a near-future, post-apocalyptic alternate universe with characters based off the members.

Once you've played the demo it would be a great help to us if you could fill out this survey for your general thoughts on a BTS Visual Novel. And if you want to help out more, you can fill out this shorter survey specifically for the first part of the demo!

You can find us here:

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Published 142 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorAeon Dream Studios
Tagsbts, Visual Novel

Install instructions

  1. Download the .msi for Windows or the .dmg for Macs
  2. Install the game
  3. Play!


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