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This download is only for the demo! This includes the complete prologue and sneak peeks of each guy's first chapter. It is completely free! However, if you should choose to use this support us in any way, it will go directly toward the development of the game. 

If you like the demo, check out the MDSOA Collection to purchase a route or the full game.

You are an intelligent and practical college student attending one of the best universities in Japan.

Life is pretty normal until your mother takes you to her ancestral home. Your life entirely changes when you're introduced to the hidden supernatural world within ours.

After your magical powers are awakened, you're forced to team up with a partner for your safety and others until you can get your powers under control. Will your tragedy turn out to be serendipity after all? You decide.

★ Planned Features★

  • 5 romancable guys
  • Detailed sprites and backgrounds
  • Several gorgeous painted CGs per route
  • 3 canon endings per character - depending on your choices!
  • At least 4 hours per main story with additional content on the way!

Serendipity of Aeons is the first planned otome visual novel in the Mystic Destinies universe, one where all myths are true.

Our aims were a high quality otome visual novel in a modern urban fantasy atmosphere, with a strong and intelligent main character who had her own story to tell. We wanted her to be an equally like-able character and partner to the guys in her own right.

We also wanted to maintain a balance between dark and light themes with a strong emphasis on fantasy and action.

Follow our progress here:

Tumblr | Twitter | Facebook | Patreon

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(47 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAction-Adventure, Action RPG, demo, Fantasy, free, Otome, Romance, urban-fantasy
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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Version 1


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I would like to buy this game but I have a question about the deluxe edition: it does contain all the possible routes of this game?

Because on Steam if I understand correctly, the Deluxe Edition just contains the artbook, OST and the God of Chaos story. But   not the DLCs.

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Hi, yes on Itch it's a different set up. Here, the Deluxe Edition contains everything, including all routes and epilogues, while on Steam, it's only the Chaos DLC, art book and soundtrack, no routes. Hope this helps! 


Thank you, I understand better now! :D

I love the game! I've bought everything but the extended edition, (that will be next paycheck! Lol) 

Can I ask what the song is called in the main menu? It's so beautiful.

Thank you so much 💙 I'm really glad you love it. The song is called Easier to Fade by A. Himitsu feat. Madi Larson.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it! 

When I checked my purchased games it said I bought mystic-destinies-serendipity-of-aeons deluxe edition  game twice. What do I do. 

Hi, please email me at hi@aeondreamstudios.com about this matter with your receipts and screenshots so I can try and find out what's going on. 


Got this on steam a while ago, one of the first games I played and I absolutely fell in love with it

Super glad you like MDSOA! 💙


My favorite Otome! Just love it!!! And I played a looooooot of Otome games :D Thanks for this amazing piece of work <3


it would be nice to have a sequel. to see what they're doing after the epilogues, them getting married and stuff and finally confronting shizuka


It would likely take place in Echoes DLC. 

A dlc for original game or dlc for the new one with the dwarf fairy?


i have a question. do you know how yo make unlocked ending?

I would like to communicate with the creators of this game, is there any way?

Yes, through here or if we don't reply in a timely manner, team@aeondreamstudios.com


I bought this game on Steam because loved the art. I was fully dissapointed by the story and background, lack of logic and  inconsistent MC. Although the soundtrack is amazing. 

Not sure if you're referring to this, but the MC is intentionally different in every route. This is explained further in Deluxe. Sorry you didn't like the game though! Hope you find something that better fits your tastes. 


Thanx for the answer! 

By inconsistent MC I mean her behaviour in each single route, fe in route with Takumi she insists to find and fight her mother and minutes after that, while thinking she saw her on the roof, MC tries to escape and hide. Encore, she runs off after spending a night with him with something like "don't want to look him in the eye, it was a big mistake", while hours after that she claims that loved him all the time. 

In the route with Tatsuya she runs after him\ thinks of marrying his frenemy\ runs after him\ thinks of marrying the frenemy etc. 

I found it difficult to understand MC.

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Any chance you'd make the DLC available for purchase here, for those of us who don't have Steam or an android device? Pretty please?

EDIT: Never mind! I was looking for them on this page, turns out they're each on their own game page, updating my comment here in case anyone else is confused.

This is full version?

No. Just the demo.


love the art style and the story .

love love love the game and wanted to ask, do we have to unlock the teacher's romance or is it still in the works

I believe its coming out this summer. :) Im patiently waiting for his too since last year... ><

gah D: !! when is your summer??

I got this game on steam, and it's fucking amazing. I wasn't expecting to like it so much, it's perfect - blending writing and art into elixir that punch your gut with magic, that you dont have enought of. I love the world heroine lives in, it's so amazing getting to know different aspects of it per route. Art is gorgous, it's so pretty to look at, and it's in pair with writing. Can't wait for Takumi route soon!


Hmm, when will the game be released and where to buy it? :)

Love what I've seen so far, can't wait to play the full game.

The first three routes are available on Steam. The first two routes are available here and we'll be adding the third one shortly! https://aeondreamstudios.itch.io/

We're also running a Kickstarter here if you're interested in more info: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/aeondreamstudios/mystic-destinies-serendipity-of-aeons-deluxe-editi

Hey thanks for the info, I've bought all the dlc's on steam and even added a small pledged of my own as I love this game, and can't wait to try more of it!!

Only sad thing is that no matter what I do, I can't seam to trigger any of the 3 epilogues I've got and atm steam in no help (sigh).

Anyway great job job on all the charaters so far out (Shinji's being my favorit atm, closly followed by Shou), :D

Thanks so much! Could you email us at support@aeondreamstudios.com about your issue? But just in case there's just some confusion, you must go to the select a character screen > then click the character > then click Epilogue in the top menu after finishing their main story.

Hi, oh I know you had to click the epilogue, but it was a problem with the game and steam, but after me and a friend uninstalled it (and verified the integrity of the game cache 4 times) it finally worked :) - in case someone els has had this issue :)

But may I ask if there are more stories about the characters or if there will be more a 2nd game to follow up on the epilogues? (only played 1 of them, but at the last chapter I couldn't help but yell "No, that can't end like that! what happens after the attake?!?" lol

I've seen a few comments about comic's releted to the games?


star maiden, you will give us the full version. now. *points banana phone at you menacingly*

Can't wait to play the full game. It looks fun.

I really loved the story! Shou and Tatsuya were my favorite characters :3 Can't wait for the full story :D

Sorry btw for the ''deleted post'' my message sent out 3 times lol so i deleted it xD


Thank you so much! It makes us super happy to hear when people tell us their favorite characters especially. You're in luck being that their routes are the first two that we're releasing too!

Omg really? Yay! Thank you for the hard work i'll be waiting for it's release! :3