​ Chapter 09, Scene 01 of Cillian's Route is up!

I've been working hard on some stuff this week, so my apologies that I made you wait! Hope you like it!

- Ajané


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phew~ was busy with work for a few days so I couldn't follow along as you updated - but keep up the awesome work Ajané! We're all rooting for you~

Your focus and commitment to your projects are inspiring O_O;; Especially since I know how easy it is to procrastinate and let things slide..

I can't wait to see the finished product ♡


Thank you so much for supporting me, and thank you for understanding that struggle! Nonetheless, I do enjoy the work and I hope you enjoy the read! 


Yay! Keep up the awesome work, Ajane-sama! (But keep your health in mind at all times!) Eat and rest well, (looots of yummy treats!) you're doing a fantastic job as a solo indie developer! Hundreds of kudos to you for all the quick updates!

Thank you so much 🥰 Your support makes my day.