Holiday Update

Hello guys! 

I just wanted to let you know that I will be taking the week off releasing updates to focus on some health self care before the holidays. In my push to get the releases out before the end of the year, I kind of backslid on taking care of myself just a little in the last few days, and my body and mind (which has been trying to recover from this year) is already telling me  to do better. 

Then, I'll be spending the holidays hopefully healthy enough to enjoy them, and then recover from them. I'll still be working on completing the writing of Cillian's route so that I can start those releases before the end of the year next week. I hope you enjoy your holidays, that they are happier than they are stressful, and look forward to releases beginning again this coming weekend. 

- Ajané

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I agree with what Elenielwen says - you've been amazing with all those super fast updates and if anyone deserves a break, it's you Ajané!

I hope you have an amazing holiday where you can spend lots of time with your loved ones and eat lots of yummy food ♡ 

I look forward to what you bring us in the new year ☺


You’ve done amazing work, Ayane-san, take the holiday days to spoil yourself rotten, and make sure to not skip out on those candle-lit baths, you’ve earned them all <3 Merry Christmas and happy new year!!

I'm glad you think so! Thank you and happy holidays to you as well!