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Hi guys, I'm still here. Just got knocked out by a pretty severe infection and some other health issues that popped up for a week, and been in and out of doctor's offices. I'm hoping to get back to updating the game next week, fingers crossed for good health! In the mean time, here are the survey results for the order I'll be releasing the game in: 

I want to be able to work again soon! I was so excited to finish Echoes, perhaps I worked a bit too hard...I tried my best to take care of myself, but the stress of wanting to hurry and finish for you guys probably didn't help. Please send me wishes for good health so I can finish up the common route and Cillian's route this year! - Ajané

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I wish you a full recovery, and so appreciative of the updates despite you feeling sick! I just finished playing the first game and absolutely fell in love with this world. I will always be around to support you as a developer and will be looking forward to seeing everything you accomplish! I've played great visual novels but it's rare when I find ones like this that I absolutely fall in love with. Don't lose encouragement, because fans like me will be around to check in on you and support you! As excited as I am to play this game when it's fully released, take your time and don't compromise your health! We'll be around regardless because you truly deserve all the support and understanding.  I'm truly grateful to be able to experience this art you put into the world.  I know it sounds a bit dramatic, but your work has really helped better my life. Good stories are what add peace to my life, and give me a way to escape and be happy at the end of a long day. Stories like this always teach me something and add a new perspective to my life. It is your hard work that's made me smile and made me reflect on things in my own life. I can't thank you enough for the hard work. So please, take your time, because I and your other fans will be grateful anyways. Making a game is far from easy, yet you choose to do it for us. Get well soon and take care of yourself!

Edit: Also, feel free to ask for any help! I only have a little experience with renpy, but I'm always willing to help out as a fan with anything that will make the process of creating this game easier for you! Don't be afraid to reach out to us fans!


Please take care of yourself and take a time!!!!

Thank you! 💙